Ongoing and recently completed projects at the Institute

Our Common River Eurajoki (Project leaflet)
On Common Waters Knowledge provides operational readiness for aquatic management and restoration ("Yhteisillä vesillä" Project poster; Project leaflet; Project presentation)
Waste Water Consulting in Satakunta ('JÄNES')

Crayfish – Innovation and Research Networks in a Changing Climate (Project leaflet)

Managing and Handling of Runoff Waters in a Changing Climate (Project leaflet)

Produced in Satakunta with Care ('Varjellen viljelty' Project leaflet)

True Flavours of Satakunta (Project poster)

With Knowledge and Know-how – genuine tastes from South-East Finland

Developing rural water conservation and associated business operations in South-East Finland ('VSYRMY')

Competitiveness in Lake Pyhäjärvi region`s nature ('KIULU')

Developing the Vegetable Cluster in South-East Finland ('KASVIS')

Competitiveness from Clean Food and a Clean Environment

The Pyhäjärvi Restoration Programme (Programme website)

Cooperation projects (Pyhäjärvi Instutute acting as a cooperation partner)

The national Genuine Tastes scheme (regional operator in Satakunta)

Whitefish Tagging

Past research and development projects

More Perch into the Nets

Multidisciplinary Analysis of the Ala-Satakunta History ('AMMA')

Strenghtening Inovation Structures and Innovation Know-How in the Food Industry Economy in Satakunta

Pre-Water (2009)

Food Chain Waters

Development of the Food Industry Economy and Innovations in Satakunta

Restoration of Four Lakes in the Southern Satakunta Region

Existence of Phytoplankton Toxins in West-Finland Fish ('TOKA')

Remote Sensing and Measuring Technology for Linking Process-Based Catchment Area and Lake Models ('CatchLake2')

Decreasing Lake Köyliönjärvi and the Köyliönjoki River External Loading ('KULKU')

Changing Bothnian Sea

Future Experts in Food Industry

Education Network for Water Conservation and Water Restoration ('VOPPE')

Water Restoration Technical Innovations in a Changing Climate ('VINKU')