Water Bodies

In the field of water conservation, the Institute’s work is focused on inhabitant-oriented water conservation. The Institute is also interested in developing methods for decreasing nutrient-loading and dissemination of information on water conservation. The primary programme is the restoration of Lake PyhäjärviLake Köyliönjärvi and other lakes situated in the Eurajoki and Lapinjoki watershed also benefit from the Institute’s expertise.

Areas of expertise include:

•    Water conservation and restoration consultation
•    Project planning
•    Specialist services
•    Fishery restoration planning
•    Wetland planning
•    Consultation on environmental and special subsidies
•    Consultation on principal plans for scattered settlement waste-water treatment

•    Lectures by specialists in the field

In practice, we work within current projects and market our know-how as services outside projects. Does our expertise interest you? Please contact us!

The automatic measuring station on Lake Säkylän Pyhäjärvi

This summer a floating automatic measuring station belonging to Finland´s environmental administration (SYKE) was anchored at the southern part of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The station provides a continuous measurement of water quality and weather conditions.

Although the station is primarily intended for environmental monitoring and research purposes, it also serves owners of summer cottages, boat owners, fishermen, or for instance, people planning swimming trips to Lake Pyhäjärvi.  

A link to Finland´s environmental administration (SYKE) here.